Thursday, July 25, 2024

Where’d France’s Kanté Go? MIA From the National Team!

Yo, what’s the deal with N’Golo Kanté and the French national team? It’s been a head-scratcher for ages. Every international break, it’s like, “Wait, Kanté’s not there again?” Dude’s been on fire at Al-Ittihad after shaking off those Chelsea injuries, but Didier Deschamps keeps leaving him out. Fans are freaking out trying to figure it out.

Been a While Since He Rocked the Blue

It’s been a crazy long time since Kanté last played for France – over two years, like 742 days! Injuries were a nightmare for him at Chelsea, but now he’s back to bossing things in Saudi Arabia. So, what’s the hold-up? Why isn’t Deschamps calling him up?

N'Golo Kante World Cup
N’Golo Kante Celebrating the World Cup. (Source: TheSun)

Maybe Kinda Open Door?

Deschamps says Kanté can still play for France, but his name hasn’t been on the team sheet lately. It’s like the coach is leaving the door open a tiny crack, but it feels more like a storm door with a million locks on it. Deschamps is talking about looking at younger players who are crushing it, which makes sense. Guys like Zaïre-Emery are stepping up, and Tchouaméni and Camavinga are already beasts. Kanté’s gotta fight for his spot now, which wasn’t really a thing before.

Stats Don’t Lie

When Kanté was with France, he was a machine. We’re talking shutting down attacks left and right, averaging like 3 interceptions a game. Plus, his passing was insane – nearly 90% completion rate! He controlled the midfield like a boss.

N'Golo Kante | Al-Ittihad
N’Golo Kante dribbling past players in Saudi. (Source: Goal)

Lost Without Their Star Player?

Imagine a puzzle with the most important piece missing. That’s kinda how France’s team looks without Kanté. Fans are confused, and Deschamps is leaving clues that are more cryptic than a crossword puzzle.

Will He Be Back for Euro 2024?

Deschamps hasn’t slammed the door on Kanté, but him not being in recent squads isn’t a good sign. There’s still a chance, but it’s a tough road ahead. Did Deschamps hinting about a “copy-paste job in May” mean anything? Beats us! This whole situation is a total mystery, and football fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for the next chapter. Will Kanté make a shocking return, or is his French adventure over? Only time will tell.

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