Thursday, April 11, 2024

Tiktok will be Official Entertainment Partner for Germany National Team

Heads up, football fans! Germany’s National Team just joined TikTok, the app everyone’s obsessed with. This means more ways to get your DFB (German Football Association) fix, with exclusive content and awesome fan experiences coming your way.

Score Behind-the-Scenes Access and Killer Content

The fun starts with Germany’s upcoming games against France and the Netherlands. Get ready for a sneak peek into the team with exclusive behind-the-scenes clips you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, TikTok will team up the DFB with other cool creators on the app, so expect epic content in all sorts of formats.

Level Up Your DFB Fandom

Germany’s already a TikTok star with almost half a million followers and over 162 million video views. This partnership is all about going super fan mode! They’re aiming to reach even more people, especially younger folks who are glued to their phones. Dr. Holger Blask, a DFB higher-up, says the deal is about “The partnership will increase the DFB’s presence on the platform and create unique digital experiences for our fans.”

Get Hyped for EURO 2024

This partnership isn’t just about single matches – it’s all about EURO 2024, the huge football tournament happening right here in Germany! Imagine a giant online party filled with everything EURO 2024. Tobias Henning, a boss at TikTok Germany, is hyped. He says this is about “Football fans will be able to experience the magic of sport in a brand new fashion thanks to the partnership with the national team. Whether it’s through funny comments, clever edits, or informative posts on their favourite players, our passionate community loves football and will be able to make this summer a special one through their creative content.”

So, get ready for a fun and interactive way to follow Germany’s football team, especially with the massive EURO 2024 just around the corner. Thanks to TikTok, things are about to get wild!

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