Thursday, April 11, 2024

Real Madrid on Fire: Courtois and Militao Back Just in Time for Champions League!

Real Madrid’s crushing it this season. They’re topping La Liga and just booked their ticket to the Champions League quarterfinals to face Manchester City. Things were shaky for a bit with injuries to key players like Thibaut Courtois and Eder Militao, but guess what? They’re training again and itching to get back on the pitch!

The Doc’s Orders: Both Courtois and Militao tore ligaments early on, missing a bunch of games. But they’re back on the training field, which is a huge win. Coach Ancelotti wants to be careful bringing them back, but it looks like they might be ready to play after the international break.

Who Gets to Play Now?: Courtois is likely taking back his starting goalie spot, which means Andriy Lunin, who’s been playing great lately, might have to sit on the bench. Same goes for defense with Militao coming back. Ancelotti might have to make some tough choices, but Militao’s experience, especially against a team like Manchester City, is probably too good to pass up.

Here’s Why They Matter: Stats don’t lie! Courtois has a crazy save percentage in La Liga this season, showing how important he is to their defense. Militao racked up tackles in the Champions League before his injury, proving his defensive skills.

Think of it This Way: Imagine Ancelotti as a conductor leading an orchestra. He’s gotta balance the veterans with the young stars to create beautiful music, you know, win trophies!


  • When do Courtois and Militao return? They’re training again and should be back after the international break, maybe even for the Champions League match against Manchester City.
  • How’d Lunin do filling in for Courtois? Lunin stepped up big time and played amazing while Courtois was out.
  • Why Militao over other defenders? Ancelotti trusts Militao’s experience, especially against tough opponents. Plus, Militao knows the team’s tactics inside and out.

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