Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Man United’s Mainoo Shocks Everyone with England Call-up!

Hold up! Manchester United’s wonderkid, Kobbie Mainoo, just landed his FIRST call-up to the England squad after BALLIN’ out against Liverpool. Get the lowdown on this surprise pick and why everyone’s buzzing!

Forget what you thought you knew! England just threw everyone a curveball by picking Manchester United’s young midfield maestro, Kobbie Mainoo, for their senior squad. This comes hot off the heels of Mainoo’s STUNNING performance in United’s FA Cup win over Liverpool, and let’s just say, it got fans and pundits alike FIRED UP.

From Academy Star to National Hero (Real Quick)

Mainoo’s been a hot prospect at United for ages. Ever since he debuted in their youth academy, everyone’s been whispering about his mad skills. He rocketed through the ranks, playing for England’s U-17, U-18, and U-19 teams, before finally breaking into the Red Devils’ first team. But it was his recent performance against Liverpool that REALLY put him on the map. Every pass, dribble, and tackle was on point, leaving everyone speechless and solidifying his place as one of England’s brightest young talents.

Kobbie Mainoo vs Liverpool
Kobbie Mainoo in action vs Liverpool

Southgate Does a 180: From “Chill Out” to “Come on In!”

Gareth Southgate surprised everyone with this pick. Just a few days ago, he was preaching patience with Mainoo, saying he needed more experience. But after seeing Mainoo DOMINATE against Liverpool, Southgate clearly changed his tune. This U-turn shows just how much Southgate believes in Mainoo’s raw talent and rapid progress. Some might question the timing, but there’s no denying this throws a wild card into the England squad, making things way more exciting!

Kobbie Mainoo gets his first England Call Up

Stats Time:

Mainoo’s been boasting a CRAZY passing accuracy of over 85% in the Premier League this season. That shows some serious composure on the ball. Plus, he’s completing over 60% of his dribbles, proving he can take control of the game and push forward with some serious moves.


Imagine a meteor streaking across the night sky, lighting everything up and leaving everyone in awe. That’s basically what Mainoo’s rise to fame feels like. He’s taking the football world by storm and leaving his mark in a big way.


  1. Why’d they call up Mainoo even though he hasn’t played a ton?
    Because his performance against Liverpool was INSANE! It showed everyone his immense talent and potential. Southgate and the coaching staff clearly believe he’s ready to step up, and we might see him do just that in the upcoming friendlies.
  2. What kind of impact can Mainoo make against Brazil and Belgium?
    This is his chance to shine on the international stage! His skills and flair could be a game-changer for England’s midfield, potentially influencing the outcome of these matches.

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